Facade Panel Prototyping

Design study for stainless steel window panels with Milgo Bufkin

For our project in Washington Heights, we worked on developing facade panels as part of a window assembly with Milgo Bufkin

Photo of the facade panels at 2142 Amsterdam Avenue

Cloud Sponge

Rendered shadow study

Using the Processing software, we began to model a cellular structure and its reaction to water flow. From there, the two-dimensional abstractions created through the algorithmic process were used to test different pattern structures and light and shadow effects. 

Diagram showing the composition of the panel openings and assembly.

 The first acrylic mock-up is a two panel system within a frame, each panel held slightly apart to maximize the shadow effect created by layering.     

Photo of the acrylic model 

We had a full-size prototype in stainless steel made my Milgo Bufkin. This prototype was used to inform the fabrication of the 88 panels in 44 frames. 

Photo of full size mock-up

 Photo of full size mock-up 

Photos showing the overlapping panels