Amy Magida

Landscape Architect

Amy is an emerging landscape architect with eight years of experience. She strives to understand the complex systems, culture and site context that are the fundamental components of every landscape design. Through collaboration, curiosity and research she works to develop concepts that are robust and foster stewardship. She has worked on a wide range of public and private universities, civic spaces, and most recently residential properties. 

In 2016, with the help of two collaborators, she participated in the Recycled Artist in Residency program. Using only materials sourced from a building recycling center they transformed an urban lot into a temporary summer lounge. She believes that meaningful places can be crafted anywhere when drive and ambition are present.


Along the way over the past decade, we’ve found that many others share our vision. This has led to a wonderfully collaborative studio model in which we are close partners with our clients, many of whom are non-profits, community development organizations, and other mission-driven private companies. We also collaborate across disciplines in partnership with allied individuals and organizations, bringing together the necessary expertise to develop innovative design solutions, and leveraging our curiosity and flexibility in service of client and project needs.