Amy Breedlove

Business Strategist

Amy Breedlove has worked with principal Samir S. Shah since the firm’s early years to drive the vision of Urban Quotient.  Amy brings years of experience and knowledge working with creative businesses including architects, interior decorators and designers of all kinds to her role as business strategist. By working closely with Samir, the UQ team and our collaborating partners, Amy helps make informed business decisions that keep UQ on mission.

Amy has established herself as an effective community leader in Brooklyn, currently serving as the President of the Cobble Hill Association (CHA). She leads the organization in the promotion of the common good and general welfare of people in the Cobble Hill community and in bringing about civic betterments and social improvements. She also serves on the board of Stonewall Community Development Corporation (SCDC) whose mission is providing affordable, supportive and safe housing to LGBTQ seniors in New York City.

Amy holds an MBA in Luxury Brand Management and an MFA in multi-media fine arts. She has served as the managing director of an architecture firm and continues to consult with architectural and design firms on their business practices. Her passions are creating a better-built environment and promoting community

The Urban Quotient Team

We love design. No matter the budget or constraints, we find joy in exploring qualities of space, fine-tuning a great construction detail, manipulating the quality of light, or finding physical form for the values and ideals of the organizations we serve. Our core team is dedicated, experienced, nimble, and efficient - working closely together on all the firm’s projects.