Jul 10, 2017

NYCHA Small Homes

We work on a pretty wide variety of projects here at all different scales which is challenging but keeps things interesting. However, we don’t normally take on the gut rehab of single family homes. A GC we know told us about the NYCHA Small Homes Program which is run by Neighborhood Restore, a non-profit organization. The basic outline is that the non-profit buys foreclosed homes from NYCHA’s portfolio, guts them and rehabs them to green building standards, then sells them at subsidized rates to eligible low and moderate income families. This reduces maintenance costs and increases capital for NYCHA, stabilizes neighborhoods, creates affordable homeownership opportunities, and improves the overall energy efficiency of the city’s existing housing stock. It’s a great idea and UQ has signed on as the architect for three homes this year. We hope to do more in the future. 

(Left) 129-41 135th Street (Center) 129-59 135th Street (Right) 130-15 135th Street