May 23, 2022

River Avenue Construction Progress

The brick facades are nearly complete at 1159 River Avenue. Along the River Avenue fa├žade and the elevated train, the scaffolding has been removed and the brickwork has been revealed up to the 15th Floor. The top floors will be completed from a hanging scaffold attached to the roof structure. 

The windows should be arriving on site next month after a lengthy delay due to supply chain woes. We are particularly excited about the 2'-0" wide slot windows with the blue metal surrounds which will enliven the building and highlight the syncopated window patterning. The second floor front terrace will be built out next since the front area is no longer needed for the crane and for staging.

On a recent sunny Wednesday afternoon, the UQ team took a site visit up to the Bronx and combined it with a Yankees game. From our vantage point in the right field grandstands we got a pretty good look at our building and a new perspective on the scale of development in this section of New York City.