Essie Jeffries

  • Neighborhood

    Washington Heights, New York
  • Use

    Multi-Family Housing Rehab
  • Client

    • Community League of The Heights (CLoTH)
  • Status

    In Progress
  • Size

    3 Multi-Family Residential Buildings


The Essie Jeffries Rehab project is the culmination of three years' of background work culminating in the renovation and long-term affordability of 60 units of housing spread across three buildings in Washington Heights. 

Community League of the Heights, a long-term client and partner in our work, approached UQ in 2016 to conduct a property needs assessment for 500 West 159th Street in Washington Heights - the building in which their headquarters are located. The project grew from a moderate rehab of this first building and 25 units of affordable housing to include three buildings and 60 units all together. 

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