Glenmore Commons

  • Neighborhood

    Brownsville, Brooklyn
  • Use

    Mixed-Use Urban Development Plan
  • Client

    • Omni New York
  • Status

  • Budget

    Approximately $70 Million
  • Size

    241,000 SF / 212 Units


This mixed-use proposal activates a vacant parcel of city-owned land to knit together different threads of activity in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Through streetscape improvements and the activation of street-end plazas, the plan connects the new uses in our building to the open spaces, institutions, and the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit already pulsing through the community. 

Diagram showing the neighborhood connectivity strategy.

This proposal links together the industrial nature of the East Brooklyn Business District and the cultural buildings to the west.

The building massing begins at a 3-story height at the northern end of the site and slowly steps up to 11-stories at the corner of Mother Gaston Boulevard and Glenmore Ave. At this corner, the building lifts three stories and is carved away, creating an urban front porch.  

D-Well’s co-living space occupies this prominent corner. It is the heart of our proposal and is an innovative housing typology that helps to bind the various users and their commitment to social and economic empowerment. 

Diagram showing the building's response to the different retail and cultural axes in the area.