Information Filtration

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    Washington, DC
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    Alternative Master Plan Competition Entry
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Inspired by Depression-Era Public Works and the potential offered by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, UCLA launched an open ideas competition in 2009 called WPA 2.0, in which they sought a new vision for the design of infrastructure and cities. Collaboration with Amelia Magida.

Alternative master plan for Washington, DC.

As the demand for information becomes greater and greater, so does the demand for storage, and the energy needed to support it. Yet access to this information is not equal in all places or for all people.  

Base map of the Anacostia Watershed (left) Map showing rates of foreclosure (center) Map showing rates of poverty (right)

In some parts of our urban centers, this lack of access to the new economy has added to longstanding problems of unemployment, poverty, and a deteriorating environment. 

This proposal seeks to leverage demand for new information infrastructure to tackle these seemingly intractable issues and to think holistically about urban sustainability.