West Harlem AG Lab

  • Neighborhood

    Harlem, New York
  • Use

    Adaptation of the 135th Street Marine Transfer Facility
  • Status



Viable urban agriculture has the potential to transform old buildings and outdated infrastructure into vibrant and productive places re­purposed for new industry. That idea, along with ur­ban agriculture’s need for scale and access to light and air, were the rationale for inverting the former 135th Street Marine Trans­fer Facility and turning its program inside out. Collaboration with Haecceitas Studio.

The old shed structure is split into quarters, inverted, and slid along the existing platform structure so that what was formerly the central in­door space becomes an out­door pier for recreation and ferry loading. 

New volumes are attached to the old to allow for program insertions that constitute a community center and urban agriculture laboratory that connect back to West Harlem via a range of outdoor spaces.   

The facility blends industry, infrastructure, recreation, and good food together into a multi-layered idea of healthy urban living.

UQ’s entry was selected to be part of the Emerging New York Architects Exhibition & Publication by the Center for Architecture in New York City.