Jun 1, 2022

UQ Launches New Practice Area in Spatial Analytics

Building on our expertise in both computational design and urban systems, UQ is launching a new practice area in spatial analytics. Going back to some of our earliest proposals like Gowanus Lowline and Information Filtration and on through the development of our work at urban scale, we have seen the proliferation of data sources and information related to land use. For a more recent example of our experimentation in this area, take a look at our post in the Quotient section of our website about Computational Urban Analysis & Design Research.  

In both our project work and in our research, we have been honing our internal process for creating better visualization and new analytic tools to filter this new information and interpret it in useful ways. The firm's focus areas in offering these services include development RFP’s, urban design, planning studies, and community engagement through participatory planning. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more or schedule a demo.